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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kelley Armstrong's The Gathering

The Gathering is the start to a new YA series by Kelley Armstrong. It hints at eventually tying in with her adult series (which I am a huge fan of). Armstrong is a great author of the paranormal underworld. She encompasses all kinds of different paranormal (or supernatural) characters, talents, and challenges. Even for a YA book (generally an easy read, simple structure, smaller vocabulary) I found myself flying through it and ready to continue the adventure with the next book. The Gathering lays out the foundation for what the characters are (probably) going to be, who we will be following as principle leads, but still leaves the mystery of what is to come and how the talents will manifest. Unlike in Armstrong’s adult series, we will be with the characters as they mature into their supernatural self, rather than meeting them after they have gone through their change.

I would recommend this book for any paranormal lovers out there. I would recommend the author, Kelley Armstrong, to anyone who reads paranormal adventures. She has a great voice, active imagination, and creates beloved characters whose journeys we want to continue to follow. Armstrong has a knack for building strong women into stories. Armstrong, and one of the reasons I love reading her, also keeps series going without burning the reader out on the main characters. Every book has characters you know, have met, may be meeting for the first time, but not every book has the same two or three people as the main characters every time. We are shuffled into the homes of the various characters and they have their own books. Later, we may see them in someone else’s story, but they are not the lead. Armstrong constantly rotates her lead characters.


  1. I really like your blog. Any reviews on books is a great read for me because I am constantly looking for new books to read! I've heard of this one before but was a little reluctant to get it..now I think I will so thanks! If you ever get bored...I got a blog I'm trying to get going myself...www.iamalittleoff.blogspot.com. That is just the about me blog but I have a blog list of others as well if you like and want to follow! Thanks!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Great to hear from you both! Amber, I will definitly check out your blog. Let me know what you think when you try out this book or the author. I am a huge fan of Armstrong's Women of the Underworld and especially the Elena and Clay characters.