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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Heaven, Texas

Heaven, Texas is another timeless romantic comedy by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Like with all SEP’s novels, I found myself laughing, wincing, sighing, rooting, and ultimately loving the characters, the story and all the little crazy situations in between that add to the depth and warmth necessary for the creation of love, desire, and a little fearlessness. SEP is a master at taking a simple story and turning it into a fun adventure that leaves the reader happy, satisfied, and ready to read more.

I would recommend Heaven, Texas, as well as just about any other Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel, to romantics, people wanting a quick heartfelt read, someone needing a giggle, and anyone looking for a new author this summer. SEP is a must read for contemporary fiction and those who love to laugh and adore a romantic tale.

Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush

Hush Hush is riddled with teenage angst, conspiracy theories, and a weaving plot that that feels similar to the rest of today’s YA paranormal reads. I found myself surprised at the conclusions Nora, the main character jumps to and felt myself getting annoyed at her na├»ve and crazy biased thoughts. I do not remember, in High School, even having thoughts, let alone jumping to the conclusion, that someone might literally be stalking them, may have a felony, went to prison, beat up someone, etc ., and Nora appears to come from a regular middle class family.  However, in this book that’s the first thing the main Nora and her friend Vee do. Her friend Vee also bothered me. She seemed selfish and the way she was written all I could think of was that she will be a betrayer for a few books. All that said, it was hard to focus on Patch and Nora’s story… you know they will be get together and/or are fated to be together, however, at this point I feel like asking why? Why would Nora, with all her paranoid thoughts, and Patch with all his secrets and mysterious ways, even want to try to be together? What is the pull? Patch was continuously getting harassed or the worst case scenario thrown at him from Nora and every encounter they had, it was frustrating to think she has earned his time and patience. She has not earned mine. The novel is also slow to develop. The draw necessary to carry over the reader to book two in the series is not there for me, but I might have been expecting too much or just not believing in the characters. I need more information or puzzle pieces or better chemistry.

Hush Hush is a recommendation I would give to the YA aged readers. I think they will enjoy it, keep them reading (it is a series) and they can identify with it far better than my grumpy old self (apparently). I would also recommend it for YA aged parents to help them stay in touch with today’s readers.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Juliet Dark's The Demon Lover

I was drawn to The Demon Lover because of the name and the cover. I looked it up in Goodreads when I bought it and realized it is the first book in a series. I decided to save it to read at a time closer to the release of book two. The Demon Lover is a paranormal novel in a normal world, the world we live it. The main heroine in the novel, Callie, has been visited by the shadow man since she was a child. It started with him telling her folktales and later turned into ravishing sexual experiences. These experiences shape Callie’s life. Callie has finished school, has successfully published a book, The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers, accepted a job at Fairwick College, and then buys a cottage that was owned by a famous author. Callie is soon inducted into the Other world and she a card holding member. She finds out her shadow man is a dangerous incubus, she works with deamons, witches and fairies and that Callie is herself paranormal.

The Demon Lover is a fun read. It reminded me of Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery of Witches. I would definitely recommend it for people eagerly waiting for book two of Harkness’s series to be released. The Demon Lover does not have the depth and details that Harkness’s novel has, but it has a gothic flair to it that I enjoyed. There is mystery (and I was guessing between a handful of players of who-dun-it), romance (both the endearing kind and the hot and spicy kind), friendship, sadness, bravery and love. The Demon Lover is a well-written, enjoyable novel. It has some fun deviations from today’s paranormal/fantasy genre and re-introduces the gothic elements that made authors like Anne Radcliff beloved. I am giving it a four dragon rating as a recommendation for those fans of A Discovery of Witches, the paranormal, gothic novels and people looking for new authors infused with folklore.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sandra Brown's Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown is a classic Brown novel of romantic suspense. I read this as an audio book driving to and from work. It was like listening to a Lifetime movie. I enjoyed it for the most part, felt some parts were forced and the plot was a little more complicated than it might have needed to be but it was a good novel for a quick romantic suspense novel. In general, I do not read many of Sandra Brown’s novels. This is mainly because when I read the dust jacket, all her novels sound the same and I cannot remember if I have already read that one or not. For all the books I read, there are few that happen with to me but Sandra Brown novels this issue always occurs. For a summer audio read or fans of Lifetime type movies I would recommend Smoke Screen.  

Nora Roberts' The Witness

The Witness is Nora Roberts’ newest stand-alone romantic suspense novel. It is a classic Nora Roberts novel (we meet girl and where the mystery will come from, we meet boy who will help save the day, they have a “cute-meet” and fall in love all while trying to save their future from some bad people and situations). The Witness has intrigue, suspense, romance, well researched professions for the main characters, and in this novel, some murder and mayhem. I thought this novel was better than some of Roberts’ more resent books published the last few years. It had that spark of her old writing that I loved even though it did ring a little hallow in parts. I would recommend this novel for other Nora fans and fans of this genre.