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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Heaven, Texas

Heaven, Texas is another timeless romantic comedy by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Like with all SEP’s novels, I found myself laughing, wincing, sighing, rooting, and ultimately loving the characters, the story and all the little crazy situations in between that add to the depth and warmth necessary for the creation of love, desire, and a little fearlessness. SEP is a master at taking a simple story and turning it into a fun adventure that leaves the reader happy, satisfied, and ready to read more.

I would recommend Heaven, Texas, as well as just about any other Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel, to romantics, people wanting a quick heartfelt read, someone needing a giggle, and anyone looking for a new author this summer. SEP is a must read for contemporary fiction and those who love to laugh and adore a romantic tale.


  1. Yay!! I was wondering about this one. Do you know if this is her first novel? I thought I remember reading that on her SEP forum somewhere...

  2. I believe that this book is book two in SEP's Chicago Star's series. I think it's my favorite series, especially Match Me If You Can. The first novel in this series was It Had To Be You but I felt that it really dated itself compared to this one. Something about gold spandex tights... LOL! Still, it's hard to go wrong with SEP.