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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kristan Higgins' If She Only Knew

I just finished reading Kristan Higgins new novel If She OnlyKnew. This book is lovely. It’s heart felt and open. It doesn't make the reader feel bad if they would have chosen, or think they would choose, a different path than the characters regarding how to have love and keep love in their lives. The novel delves into the lives of two sisters at a cross roads in their separate lives. Jenny, already choosing her path and building a new life after her husband abruptly divorces her (and soon after marries a new woman and has a baby with her even though he always told Jenny he had no interest in being a father). While Jenny deals with the fall out and rebuilding of her life and self, she moves to a little city outside New York to be closer to her sister and delightful triplet nieces. Jenny’s sister Rachel thinks she is exactly where she always wanted to be and life cannot get any better. Of course this is when God throws a curve ball to test Rachel. Both Jenny and Rachel, in their own way, takes what life deals them and try to find their place in the new circumstances they find themselves in. The novel is just realistic enough it tugs at your insides and emotions but fictional enough for the reader to escape- why else do we read?

Kristan Higgins has created wonderful characters and has a talent with words which put you smack dab into the world she has created for the short period of time we get to spend there. You want to be friends with them, hug them, slug them, try out a delectable piano lesson and contemplate babysitting the chaotic triplets. Higgins does a great job about creating characters that are stronger than they think they are and are, after some pushing and shoving, daring to find what path in life that will make them happy, healthy and safe. The stumbles along the way are what make life so rich and unique. As I always remind myself- Visualize your best case scenario, your worst case scenario and then strive to create a way to achieve that goal.

While I am not in the same positions as the readers- I loved the eternal and optimistic message because it can be transferred to so many subjects within relationships we have with loved ones on a daily basis. "There are only perfect, glowing moments, like this one, and then there are the everyday moments that weave them together into a shimmering path that can always be seen, even in the dark."