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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jennifer Weiner's Little Earthquakes

I found Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner sitting on my To Read bookshelf. Judging by the dust on it, it had been there for years. I received it as a gift before my little dragon was born and really had no interest in ever reading it. When I came across it this last month I decided to give it a try.

This novel follows 4 new moms around during the new journey of motherhood- from late in their pregnancies (when their paths all cross) into the first year of motherhood. This was a book that could have been just depressing but the author did a really good job trying to keep the story, the relationships and the characters hopeful and positive. If I didn't have a child (or some other close link to kids) I wouldn't have enjoyed it much at all. It would have been whiney and frustrating. Only new parents can really appreciate the trials of early parenthood and the stress and total life changing things that can happen during this time of their lives.

I would also throw out there that if you are a young mother wanting to read this- do so while pregnant or after your baby’s first year. One of the characters stories, if you were a new parent, is every parent’s nightmare so why add the stress to your life.

I love that the author showed us how it really does take a circle of other moms and family (regardless if they are blood or chosen) to raise your child and keep us mama's sane, safe, healthy and happy. The little earthquakes that erupt into our lives are life changers, totally worth it, but not easy at all. LOL!