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Saturday, July 7, 2012

P.D. Martin's The Murderers' Club

P.D. Martin is a writer of suspense and dark weaving plots. All P.D. Martin’s stories are written in first-person and are a blending of science and fact, with a pinch of supernatural (limited to a seer of sorts, nothing more), a dash of flirtation between the characters relationships outside of work, and a whole lot of a determined FBI behavior profile work to crack the various serial cases we are swept up into while reading P.D. Martin.

The Murderers’ Club is another thrilling novel following Sophie on her chase to track down the victims and whereabouts of a sick on-line club of serial killers. The novel is fast-paced, the murderers are a blending of evil and brilliant, the police detail is intriguing. The story builds a case, situation and characters that I would recommend for CSI lovers, thrill seekers, and suspense readers.

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