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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ian Fox's Only the Strongest Survive

Only the Strongest Survive is a thrilling novel of a female CEO who is kidnapped by two brothers who could not forgive her corporate takeover. Ian Fox, the author, has created a thrilling novel that could happen in real life. Fox’s voice and writing is precise and has a European tone to it (real English and all the rules of writing). Fox paints a picture that is detailed, simple, and brings to life the scenes and actions of the characters with a unique and accurate way with words. In Only the Strongest Survive we follow Emely, the kidnapped, through the hell she is put through, then her survival and the mixed emotions that connect her to her kidnappers.

Emely is a stock broker and the ins and outs of that complicated business, the trading, the portfolios, are all explained so that any reader can grasp the topic. I personally appreciated this because the world of stocks and bonds is very intricate and confusing. Fox explains, through his characters, the beauty of the trade so we can appreciate it (and make a whole bundle of money). Fox is also able to capture the feelings Emely goes through while with her captors. The fear, the confusion, the lust, the revulsion and hate. I appreciated that the kidnappers were given some depth, one almost redeemable, and coupled with Emely’s emotions Fox almost leaves it to the reader’s choice on how they think the book may end. Almost.

I would recommend this book to people looking for a new suspense thriller and/or a new voice in literature. It is definitely worth a try and you may learn something new!

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