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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello Again!

Hello dear readers!
Sorry it has been SOOOOO long since my last post but life took over my world of books. I now have a 4 month old beautiful baby girl and am loving reading to her. It’s amazing how many of the kids’ books I remember from my childhood as well as how fun new children book finds are. Mo Willems is definitely a new favorite author in our house hold.I am slowly becoming able to fit my back log of books into small snapshots of reading time between work and family activities. I think I have read (*gasp*) 7 books since September 2013! I know, I know, how horrible when you consider I was reading one to two books a week. That said I am also getting pickier about what to read with my treasured time.

One series I did just finish reading was the Divergence series by Veronica Roth. I was so excited to sink into it, especially knowing it is highly recommended to The Hunger Games lovers. I recommend the series with a “grain of salt.” It’s not nearly as good as The Hunger Games but is still a very interesting concept, interesting futuristic world, and violent read. The first two books in the series (Divergent and Insurgent) are fantastic. However, the third book (Allegiant) was a letdown. I felt bogged down reading it and it was all I could do to finish the book. It just didn’t have the same flare as the first two books and the characters let me down.

Well, I need to sign off for now but will work on posting book reviews as I am able to! In the mean time I am rating everything in GoodReads so look for me there.