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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christina Dodd's Betrayal

This is the third book in the Bella Terra Deception series. For me, Betrayal fell short, after reading the first two books and really enjoying them. I do not quite know why I did not enjoy Betrayal as much but I just did not. It was missing something. There was also a lot of story line crammed in and with this type of book that usually means it loses focus or does not spend enough time developing characters, emotions, and/or storylines.  I do not need the nitty gritty with this type of book, I know it is not going to be the next Outlander, but I want details, feelings, looks, descriptions and not just highlights. This was especially important for this book because of Noah and Penelope supposedly being soul mates. We need the chemistry and action of their past and throwing it into the fire to forge an amazing present. Dodd just did not quite deliver with Noah and Penelope’s story.

While this book left me a little unsatisfied, I would still recommend it as part of the series and for Christina Dodd fans. It is a classic contemporary romance with some suspense thrown in to hasten up emotions, love and of course “Ever After”.

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