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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lori Foster's Savor the Danger

This is book three in Foster’s tales of Men Who Walk on the Edge of Honor series. For reader’s familiar with the first two books, they know the characters Alani and Jackson and are ready to cheer them on. For those readers who do not, do not despair because the backstory of these two main characters is given to you. Savor the Danger starts with Jackson Savor waking up next to a very naked, sleeping Alani (a woman he has pinned quite a while for) and Jackson has no memory of what happened to get to this waking up point. Alani misunderstands Jackson’s reaction to the situation feeling rejected after a night of sexual ecstasy, but Jackson knows he was drugged and is unable to explain why. This is not good for a man in the mercenary business. From there the story weaves into a complex tale of human traffickers, stalkers, family love, cat rescues and steamy romance.

Foster does a great job building the sensations and relationships of the characters, both emotionally and sexually. Savor the Danger is arousing, captivating and thrilling. There were a couple of things that I needed to suspend disbelief for, but for the most part I did not mind. An example would be my issue with Alani’s character and her constant issue of being told what to do in the middle of dangerous situations. Me, I would listen and do as I was told by Jackson or the other mean in his business, then ask questions later. Alani gets angry, tells Jackson he is crossing the line and will not do it. She demands he ask nicely. Personally, when getting a directive to save my life and the lives of others, I am going to listen. Hello! This is their profession and training kicking in. It bothered me that Alani threw her little hissy fits. Not enough to dislike her as a character or the book though.  That said I also had fun imagining myself in some of the scenes Foster paints for us. Much of the story and action takes place in real residential areas. It made me wonder how aware I would be in a situation like Alani finds herself in. For instance, if someone were to cut the electricity at the meter outside my house, in the dead of night, would I wake up because of the complete silence? I would hope so but who knows! I might need to reassess my home protection.

Savor the Danger is a thrilling adventure from start to finish. I definitely recommend it for contemporary readers, romance readers, and absolutely for romantic suspense readers. It has it all: the hot sticky wet sex, dangerous criminals, and the joy and peril of falling in love.

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