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Friday, May 4, 2012

Reveal it Friday!

Happy Friday! It’s time to reveal it! What’s everyone reading and looking forward to? I am (still) currently reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It is a 900+ page book so it is taking time to read and I am trying to still my impatience because I usually finish reading a book within a week. So far it is a fun read. It feels like Jane Austen and Wilkie Collins collaborated to write a book about real life neurotic magicians. May has brought cold temperatures and rain so I am thinking this will be a cuddle up and read weekend.


  1. I finished reading two books this weekend, Enchanted, Inc. and Tolstoy and the Purple Chair. Enchanted, Inc. is an entertaining light-read by Shanna Swendson (I wrote a synopsis on my blog if you are interested at www.lindajwalker.com). Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is a book by Nina Sankovitch, who lost a sister to cancer and later decided to read a book a year to hopefully help her recover from her loss. The second book had been recommended by a former classmate. I found parts of it very enjoyable and other parts, not so much

  2. So nice to hear someone else reads Shana Swendson! I loved Enchanted Inc. and have read the other three books she published after that in that series. Such a fun storyline! Keep reading them. I just wish Swendson wrote books for a little more resolution but I can daydream my own ending…

  3. She's releasing a fifth book in the series electronically, but I'm not sure when it's available! BTW, I misspoke about Nina's reading...she read a book a day for an entire year!