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Monday, October 31, 2011

Laura Griffin's Snapped (Tracers #4)

Snapped opens with Sophie Barrett (a returning character from previous Tracer novels) trying to get to the college campus to enroll in classes. When she gets there a sniper opens fire on the campus and Sophie is trapped in the middle of the terror. When the shooting is over, three people are dead and dozens more injured. As the investigation ensues, Sophie becomes more convinced there was an accomplice to this horrible crime and that it wasn’t random at all. Jonah and his team investigating the Summer School Shooting hope she is mistaken. As more events jeopardize Sophie’s safety and the investigation gets messier, it is apparent Sophie may be right.

This is the fourth book in the Tracers series and finally, I am not disappointed. Griffin did a terrific job. This is by far my favorite of her books and a romantic suspense I would re-read. With Griffin’s previous Tracer novels there were characters or sections of the novel that just bothered or annoyed me. This does not happen in Snapped. Jonah and Sophie have gritty, sexy and believable chemistry. The pace of the book is great. There is terror and quirkiness. This novel is a great mix of mystery, investigation, romance and action all rolled into one. I also appreciated that Griffin does scenes throughout the novel with other characters that are just as important to the plot and add to the story and the host of characters relationships.

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