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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This was an interesting book. Parts of it were original feeling which I appreciated and one of the main reasons I had to read it in the first place. Essentially, the author is the first character in the book you meet. He is living an unfulfilled life with aspirations to be a writer. He is soon given the long lost diary of Abraham Lincoln by a vampire, oddly a former friend of Lincoln. From there the reader travels through the diary of Abraham Lincoln and how he became a vampire hunter, not just a President. (Who was actually assassinated by a disgruntled vampire, not just a man with the name of Booth.) The book is laid out so you have parts that are “obviously from the diary” with the authors additional dialog to keep the story moving. It gets a bit dry and sometimes I just didn’t care and skimmed ahead. Overall, I liked the idea of the novel and skimming the text rather than actually sitting and reading the novel like I would most books. I suppose it was more schoolish than I expected. Also, there was just something lacking. I was engaged although I did want to read to the end (and did). People who like history and biographies will probably enjoy this novel more than I.  

The cover of the book mentions that the book is going to be turned into a Tim Burton movie. I actually think, for me, the movie is going to be much more entertaining and engaging than the novel.


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