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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Author Recommendation: Laura Griffin

If you are a romantic suspense reader waiting for the next book by your favorite author(s) to come out, I would recommend trying Laura Griffin while you wait. The series Griffin writes is the Tracer series. So far there are four novels out following the character surrounding the elite workers of the Tracer facility in Texas.  My mother-in-law recommended her to me, knowing I love reading authors like P.D. Martin, Allison Brennan, Karen Rose, James Patterson, Michael Connelly and the list goes on. Griffin, like these mentioned, is a blend of suspense, murder (generally serial killers), and some romance, with characters in law enforcement, PI’s and (special to this series) the elite Tracers. I have to admit that she is not my favorite author and I do not eagerly await her next novel (biting my nails, adding to my wish list, and constantly checking the release date), but as a filler between novels I wasn’t disappointed or ready to throw my book at the wall in disgust or frustration. Griffin falls flat in a few areas of her writing but overall it’s a series worth looking into for those readers that like a blend of suspense, science, and the legal system. I should mention that while I know my recommendation feels a little off, but remember it is an endorsement, looking at the Goodreads reviews most of her readers feel the same, “It may falls flat in a few places, but worth continuing to read between other books overall.”    

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  1. I'm currently reading Griffin's new novel Snapped. I am really enjoying it, keeping my mind fresh trying to figure out where the author is taking me, and great chemistry with the characters.