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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Books vs. Television Series

The CW has two series to watch that are both based on separate book series by L.J. Smith. The first is The Vampire Diaries and this year was the kick off to The Secret Circle. I read The Vampire Diaries first and then became hooked on the show. The show is true to the characters but the plots are completely different. Somehow I have enjoyed that. I can picture the characters’ lives continuing on past the book. I struggle to watch HBO’s Trueblood series, after reading the Sookie Stackhouse book series. HBO has built each season off the next book in the series and uses that as a skeletal structure to stay with the books, however, the characters are soooo different from what I read I struggle to watch the show.

The second series on the CW by L.J. Smith is The Secret Circle. I am reading the books right now and DVRing the series to start watching after I am done with the books. I am staying hopeful.

Does anyone else watch or read these series or any others and struggle with the differences but feels guilty about loving some of the changes?  

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  1. Well, I finished reading The Secret Circle. It was a fun read. I watched a few episodes of the show and I think it will be like The Vampire Diaries- the characters are there but the story line is already different. I should mention for those of you who read it, the book is a circle of 12 and the show is a circle of 6.