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Monday, September 26, 2011

Author Becky Banks Visits!

A legendary Tour with author Becky banks &
Book Giveaway!
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Leave your name  for a chance to win a personalized autographed copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks. The drawing will happen on the last day of the Legendary Book Tour . check back on friday when the winners are announced!
Check out the Author Corner for The Small Book Blog’s interview with author Becky Banks!


  1. Janey H. (I have purchased 2 - unexpectedly gave them away without getting to read it) so would love a copy for me!

  2. Not an entry, but great interview! The connection between Cole and Rowan was one of my favorite parts of the book and it was great to learn more about how that developed!

  3. Oh no Jane!! Well, this is a great chance to win a copy - and an autographed one to boot! Yay!

    Also, for those of you surfing by today feel free to leave your comments here or ask questions regarding the interview on the other page - like Lisa here has.

    And Lisa! Yes, that connection - I think many of us can relate to it on some level can't we? And in the case of Rowan and Cole it was fun to take it a step further, make the bond deeper--ancient.

  4. My husband decided to secretly read the prologue. He came to find me and admit he had and was so excited! He said he was "pleasantly surprised by the voice, the noise and description." He was thinking it would be a typical romance but now is debating to read the rest when he is done with the Game of Thrones series!

  5. That's great to hear! A novel for ladies and gents. :0) That reminds me, my brother read it and enjoyed it as well, he said "What a great frickin story Sis!! Characters developed well, eye to detail, characters to loath, characters to love! And best of all it wasn't a true Scottish fairy tale(SFT)! In a true SFT only the gardener would have survived." LOL!!

  6. I loved this book! I took it on vacation with me and it was in my hand most of the time. I even read a few pages to my husband and he enjoyed it. Thanks for a great story!

    Shelly Phillips

  7. Shelly - I'm so glad you (and your husband) enjoyed it! It was immensely fun to write - and to research. Though, I hope you eventually got to spend time with your husband on that vacation! ;0)

  8. Can't wait to read Becky's book. Ebony Small

  9. This book sounds awesome! It would be amazing to win it! :) Thanks so much for the giveaway chance!

  10. Thank you Ebony and Angel! I hope you enjoy it, it was great fun to write.

    Happy reading!