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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lora Leigh's Midnight Sins

This is a very dirty and naughty book. I was actually a little floored by how explicit it is. For a person who has read multiple Lora Leigh books, I was taken by surprise and not necessarily in the “turned on” intended way. About halfway through, after A LOT of explicit “bedroom” scenes (when they made it there) the book starts focusing on the actually plot and not just how creamy Rafer makes Cami or how much Rafer needed Cami to milk him. (Yes, from the book, not me…Don’t even ask my thoughts on the number of times Rafer warns Cami he is going to “paddle that ass”) Once the plot starts getting some focus it was interesting, not great, but I think the seeds are set for readers to want to get the next book to find out who is behind all the evil the Callahan’s have endured and the current terror running amok.

Beyond that I found two other things that were off-putting to my enjoyment of the novel. One is that there seemed to be a redundancy in statements and information that, for me, turned out to be an obnoxious habit in the writing. It has nothing to do with the characters; it's actually how the author wrote it. It read as though the author had written the different scenes separately and pieced them together. They were disjointed enough I wonder about the editing. My other issue was the editing. There were quite a few typos and punctuation missed throughout the novel. It was all I could do to not get a pen and correct them as I found them.
Those being said do not let this novel stop you from reading Lora Leigh if you want something more erotic and thrilling to read.

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