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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christie Ridgway’s Then He Kissed Me (Three Kisses #2)

I usually do not like the middle books of a series as much as the first and last book; however, I did like this one more than the first in this Three Kisses trilogy. I think it was the sarcasm in this one. The first book was a cute romance, and mushier (in a good way), this one was spunky, snarky, and just had more flare. I have a feeling the third in this series is going to have fireworks. There are snippets in this second book that show you preview to the third book.
This is a fun series for those of you looking for something light to read that you know has a good old fashioned Jane Austen ending. The trilogy has one book dedicated to each of the Baci sisters. They are on a mission to save their family winery by transforming it into a wedding destination in the famous Napa Valley. While struggling to save their heritage they each find or discover romance and all the ups and downs relating to their stories.
 I also would also recommend this for fans of the Nora Roberts wedding quartet.

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