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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday

Hello all! Sorry for the silence. I have been on a secret birthday mission and unable to share my reading adventures the last two weeks. The birthday mission is now complete, and was a totally successful surprise! WAHOO! That said I am back to share my reading adventures.

My topic today is about real books vs. e-books. I currently do not have an e-book but I am realizing I might have to get one for reviewing books. I have had 2 authors approach me but they are only in e-book form. I LOVE real books though and have been fighting to not get a kindle or nook book. What do you guys read? Real books? E-books? A mixture of both? I would love to hear your pros, cons, and reasons. The most recent one I heard, that finally rang with me, was from a close friend. They have two toddlers and said they love their kindle because they can read as many books as they can cram in, BUT they don’t have to find the room for the books nor do they have to worry about the books being ruined.

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  1. I am still a traditionalist when it comes to reading books. I enjoy the thrill of literally turning the page to see what comes next. I read a book once on my iPad, and I didn't get the same joy out of the reading experience that I get from holding a real book. I understand the many advantages of using e-readers, but I am no where near ready to take that plunge.