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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Carolyn MacCullough's Always a Witch

Always a Witch is the second book in, what I imagine, will be a series of sorts. I actually do not know. Always a Witch is at least a follow up book to Once a Witch. This was a supernatural YA book revolving around a family of witches in a battle to save their heritage, their power. It has some romance, quirky family members, drama and action. For this novel I would recommend you do what I did not: re-read Once a Witch and then jump into Always a Witch. I think you would enjoy the characters more and remember the intricacies of the plot that bled into this second novel. That said, I don’t have much to write about it other than to say, read both books or the first book but I wouldn’t read just this second novel. The joy it could bring you just won’t be there. You need the backstories and histories.  I would recommend it to people who read Once a Witch because it brings closure to some of the big plots and prophesies. I would recommend this series to YA readers who enjoy stories of witches and the supernatural. Just remember, there are no Weres or Vampires, just your usual “good witch vs. evil witch.”

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