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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Becky Banks' Upcoming Novel: Forged

Welcome to the last stop of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch’s Spring Break Tour. Below is a very early review of Becky Banks upcoming novel Forged. I am sharing with you what my initial reactions were to this amazing novel and what I would tell people so they immediately add Forged to their “to-read” list.

While author Becky Banks has remained a believer in the power of love, her upcoming novel Forged is a dark, sexy and gritty tale when compared to her debut novel The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. I was privileged to read the early unedited version of Forged and was blown away at how different it is in style from The Legend of Lady MacLaoch.  Once again Banks creates characters and situations that are believable with descriptions that throw you into the scenes.  Eva (our heroine) is a kick ass woman of our time, she is someone we all wish we could be at one point or another throughout our life. I am not going to get into too much of the story and plot  (Banks still has work to do before Forged is released later this year), but I will say that it is about Nate and Eva; two characters who we meet separately only to learn that we have been dropped into their story years after it began. They grew up together, dated and their love just was not enough to survive the traumas of youth and murder. Forged occurs after all bridges are burned between these two.  What lies ahead (for them and us dear readers) is the story of Nate and Eva’s reunion, which questions if what they had and what they will experience will be enough to forge their friendship into a love that will last lifetime. 

Banks paints very visceral scenes with amazing descriptions that, while reading them, are like watching a play in my head. Forged is going to be one of those great novels that you find yourself invested in and do not want to put down. However, for our time management, I appreciated that Banks puts breaks with the ends of the chapters by switching to other characters perspectives or scenes. Trust me, this was essential for me while reading so I could get dinner on the table and sleep at night. I also found that Banks has created a real energy with the main characters, Nate and Eva, and their relationships/interactions with their friends and co-workers. It flowed seamlessly and had me feeling like one of the pals, talking trash, feeling concerned, and giggling at their inside jokes.  I appreciated this quality because I find it helps when the secondary characters have personality.

Overall Forged is going to be a steamy, sexy, high octane adventure (in and out of the bedroom) with some suspense and grittiness thrown in, of the strength of love and forging the path to see if it is worth the heat of making it stronger or if it will remain a burned out lie.  

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