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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One

There are some authors out there that have themes you can depend on. An example of this would be Jane Austen. We know when we read an Austen novel that no matter what it will end with a wedding. For me Nicholas Sparks has a theme as well. No matter what there always seems to be a death in the story. Both of these authors, of course, are telling a story of love. I tend to shy away from reading Sparks because of this ending theme as well as I feel his main purpose in writing is to make the reader cry.

For this novel, The Lucky One, I do not want to say too much because it will generate spoilers. I will say that the dust jacket on the book is exactly the story you are going to read. Along with that remember that it will have a typical Nicholas Sparks ending. The Lucky One was a good story and surprisingly I did not end up crying (although that may be because I could not stop myself from checking if there was a death at the end of the book to prepare myself) and I did not throw the book in disgust or disappointment (this time) because I was actually quite all right with Sparks choice in the end (again, this time).

In all of his books, Nicholas Sparks has a crisp and efficient voice. He does not waste words by over expanding nor does he use big words. Sparks paints a picture and moves forward with the story he is sharing with us.

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