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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Erin McCarthy's Hard and Fast (#2)

I’ll start by saying this was a “cute” story. Overall the story was an enthusiastic and descriptive plot of various sex scenes between the two main characters that had great sexual chemistry. It had me panting page by page through the book (and skipping a lot of the regular scenes for the next romp between the characters). At one point I wondered if I should mark some of the scenes for my husband to read for ideas for later but really, he should just read the whole book for that. I was curious what hurdles the author would eventually through in, since this is a romance novel, for a happy ending. In general there seems to be a basic formula most authors of contemporary romance follow and this is attained only after the formulaic fall out or misunderstanding of the main characters. About twenty pages from the end of the novel, there is a point where I thought, “That’s a good ending. Cute book, I liked that as the ending choice…wait, there is still twenty something pages left! Now what?” It was downhill from there with forced fallout of the characters, them being miserable until they realized they have to overcome the obstacle so life can be happily ever after and then it is. I am going to take a break from this series for a while but will probably keep reading it here and there.

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