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Monday, November 19, 2012

Chelsea M. Cameron's My Favorite Mistake

I found this book while looking for a new (and yes cheap) e-book to download on my nook. I read Beautiful Disaster this past year and after reading the synopsis for My Favorite Mistake, I was almost appalled that it sounded like almost the same book. However, I am happy to report that after reading both they are not the same. Once I was engaged in the world of characters Cameron introduces us to and the two different approaches the authors take, the differences are more obvious. My Favorite Mistake stayed positive and did not have as many of the thrills that Beautiful Disaster gave readers. My Favorite Mistake is a contemporary romance. While reading, I found myself waiting for the bottom to drop out but it really did not. It may have a little, what is a good novel or life for that matter without a little of the bottom dropping out from under us, but there was always support for Hunter and Taylor to lean on.

This novel was about not being a victim, and about love in all its forms- luck, trust, forgiveness, happiness, support, and love that lasts forever. I loved the determination of the characters as then navigated their lives and that they fought through the quagmire of tests life can throw at us because of love, even when we are not sure that is what it is all for. I will also add there were some cute roommate scenes that made me miss my college years as well as sizzling bedroom scenes that made my cheeks flush.

I recommend My Favorite Mistake as a contemporary romance for readers. Also for readers looking for a new novel, new author, book about hope and determination, or the thrill of falling in love and all its crazy ups and downs.

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  1. This seems like such a fun story. Thanks for sharing!