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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Krystal Wade's Wilde's Fire

Wilde's Fire
Wilde’s Fire introduces us to the world of fantasy, which is a newer genre for me. Wilde’s Fire was a great “introductory” novel unlocking the world of fantasy. The author introduces us to magic, daemonic creatures, and portals into other worlds. Wilde’s Fire gives the reader a foundation into a new world that I found myself holding my breathe to see if we are going to have the tools and knowledge to save it from the corroding darkness that has taken over Encarda.

Wilde’s Fire is a fun novel. It has strong bones and sets the tone for future adventures. The author has had fun creating varying levels of intrigue, mystery and journeys for us to want to follow in future books. I also believe that the author will be one to watch for stellar writing. I think her voice will only continue to develop and get stronger as she carries on with her writing. The romance was sweet, pure and just as frustratingly tantalizing for us as for Arland and Kate (I would imagine). I am definitely rooting for love and light to win the day over darkness and looking forward to Krystal Wade’s future novels.

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