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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lara Adrian's Taken by Midnight

This was an action packed thriller with enticing romance thrown into the mix. I found Taken by Midnight while looking for new authors to try in a used book store. Lara Adrian was a fun find. I have not been reading as many vampire novels lately but decided to take a chance with this one. The Order did not really feel like vampires. They have an alien twist to them. I am not a real fan of aliens but there was not a huge focus on what the alien in them might be, they are on basic level hot, muscled, smoldering vampires, so I was happy. I was a little surprised that while they exhibited vampire powers and instincts (like their super human speed or inability to be in the sun) and these were utilized throughout the plot, it was surprisingly not used much for the sensual sex scenes (aaah the erotic blood sharing, LOL).

I would recommend Lara Adrian as a new author of the paranormal romantic suspense readers (if you haven’t found her yet). Taken by Midnight was the eighth book in the series. It felt like a whole book but also a “to be continued” book in future novels. The main point seemed to be “boy gets girl” and then in the future we will get more of “What is happening to Jenna.” I have already bought the first book in this series to start at the beginning because there is much more to the backstory than just meeting the other characters. I cannot wait!

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