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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kelley Armstrong's Spell Bound (The Otherworld Series 12)

For fans of The Women of the Otherworld series you will not be disappointed in Spell Bound. Spell Bound is the second to last novel in this fantastic series. Many books that come right before the end are set ups for the big finally and are a letdown, ask more questions than give answers or (I think) have trouble with their character development. Kelley Armstrong does not disappoint on any of those issues. She is continually setting up for the big war to come in her novel Thirteen and while doing that has an entire plot for the novel Spell Bound. Savannah, one of the few characters left waiting to be coupled with her love by the author, continues to grow and develop from the bratty little witch we first met into a bad ass yet caring woman. I am ready for the big show now. I cannot wait to see what Armstrong has in store. For readers of this author and series I give it a rating of:

For readers who are new to this author or series I would suggest started at the beginning and reading your way through her series. Spell Bound would be an awkward first novel to start with. You will enjoy it so much more, especially since you get to meet the various main characters over and over (even if they are not the main players in that novel). Also, Armstrong is hard to become tired of since she is continually shuffling through her characters for each novel, breaking that habit we as readers get sometimes of antsiness to switch around or annoyance because you want to know what is happening with so-and-so. This also allows her plots to change rather than stay completely formulaic. I love this series and absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in supernatural/paranormal romance and suspense. For new reads this novel gets a rating of:

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