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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karen Rose's You Belong To Me (Paperback edition)

Karen Rose is an intense, complex and exciting writer. Rose’s novels have two levels of mystery for the reader. The first is, obviously, the plot. Who did it, why, who will we/they figure it out, etc. The second level is the characters themselves. Rose gives clips of the characters past, your in their present and hints at their future. Some of the characters the reader will meet again in other novels. Both levels of a Karen Rose novel draw the reader in. What I have found is that even if I do not care much for one, the other level has already sucked my in and I have to keep reading, inevitably wanting to know what is going to happen to the plot, characters and what book is coming out next.

Karen Rose writes a darker romantic suspense than many authors out there. She does not sugar coat the store and she doesn’t hold back on painting the picture, no matter how dark, horrific and intense it may get. Rose also gives the characters believable lives, flaws, quirkiness, etc. The sex is titillating, paced and when the characters finally “do it” it is hot and sexy.

Something I noticed about Karen Rose isthat she is able to work the title into the story, generally into the dialog, but it fits in and is not forced or cheesy.

I loved this new novel by Rose, You Belong To Me. It had everything I wanted, flawed characters, hints at past lives still haunting them, glimpses of a happy future, while the reader is in the middle of a high-octane thrill ride with hold-your-breath suspense that leaves the reader guessing and hoping the entire ride.

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