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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chevy Stevens' Still Missing

Debut novelist Chevy Stevens delivers a novel that is dark, filled with suspense, and riveting. This is a rare novel and I don’t want to say too much other than if you can handle the subject matter it is a must read. It also makes me re-think my personal safety when I go out. It is chilling (even gave me bad dreams one night), horrific (and detailed), and haunting. The main character, Annie, is talking to her shrink about her present life while intertwining it with her previous kidnapping experience. The reader experiences both this horrible ordeal from her resent past and her present life while reading the novel. I believe the author puts it well when Annie explains, “Something about the stained-glass windows works for me too. If I were to get all deep on you, I could say the idea of all those broken pieces being made into something so damn pretty appeals to me.” I will say this, in a further attempt to get you, dear reader, to read Still Missing, in the end, there is hope and after the journey you read, that makes it worth it.  

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