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Thursday, March 10, 2016

I LOVE Finding New Book Stores!

Usborne Books & More, or UBAM, is a new (to me) online book vendor/store that I was recently introduced to.  It is set up similar to Mary Kay, doTERRA, Tupperware, in that you will have the most fun and success finding a UBAM consultant who can set up an online or in-person book party.  However, you can also go to their website, sign in and order books that way. UBAM has a huge selection of fictional, non-fictional, and interactive (in SO many fun and creative ways) books from age zero to teenagers in more categories than I care to list here but LOVE. You will have to check it out. My little dragon is 2 ½ and I was very excited to see how well organized UBAM is with reading and age levels of books set out for kids and parents to understand. I have found a few unique books I cannot wait to have my little dragon interact with or read. I also have a wish list that continues to grow…

Shine a Light book is the first unique book I have purchased and as you are reading the book, you use a flashlight behind the page you are reading to make hidden pictures appear. So FUN! I also love the Muddle & Match books. It is as if someone took a pile of story boards, created the main character, chopped it into thirds and bound it as a book. There are endless possibilities in the character your child creates and stories that correspond to the new character page/story you have muddled together.

My dear friend Megan, who is the instigator getting this bibliophile into all kinds of trouble (at least it is good trouble, LOL!), introduced me to UBAM. She is available and wants to share her love and knowledge of books with you. Visit her website, set up an online party or have an in-person party so you can delight in seeing and touching the books on your ever growing wish list. Travel will be limited to areas of Oregon so please contact Megan directly to discuss your party. 

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