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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sharing Your Library With Friends

I thought of you today, my poor seemingly abandoned book blog. Since becoming a mother I have felt as though our Little Dragon entered the world and words and how to construct them swiftly vacated the premise of my mind. Slowly I am finding time and inspiration to create again, to read, to invent and design, to fall in love with old and new characters in books and on screen, and my favorite: to share favored authors and gossip over the books friends finish.

I have a friend who reads one to three books throughout a normal week. We have started sharing books with each other (love the USPS book rate!). The other day she lets me know she is ready for her next installment of books. I’m giddy just thinking about sharing more novels with someone I know will love or hate them, so I go hunting through my libraries of books throughout my  house, looking for romantic suspense genre authors with a back-list of books or series. Then, as I’m working my way through the stacks, I decided I would surprise my friend and introduce her to the world of the paranormal. Most of them are romantic suspense tales, just that the characters are Other Worldly. I finally take a break and look down at the books I have pulled… I’m at 32 books. YIKES! Frantically I text my friend to ask if she had a book limit. I have met it. I made a few notes of other books for the next time we rotate books and get this stack ready to travel.

All this said, I wanted to share the different authors with you, my dear readers!

For romantic suspense I shared: Lisa Unger, Laura Griffin, Brenda Novak, Lora Leigh, Karen Rose, P.D. Martin and Allison Brennan. 

As an introduction to the paranormal books I went with: Andrea Cremer (absolutely love her werewolf YA series!), Coreene Callahon, Kresley Cole, Thea Harrison, and Kelley Armstrong. 

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