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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jamie McGuire's Providence, Requiem and Eden Trilogy

I read Jamie McGuire’s Providence trilogy as one long novel. I loved McGuire’s novel Beautiful Disaster and decided to try out her backlist. While this trilogy was not anywhere near as endearing and captivating as Beautiful Disaster, it was a fun trilogy. There was intrigue, romance, thrill, chills, and battles to be won (essentially to save the world).  In today’s day and age of all things were or vampire Providence, Requiem and Eden gives us a paranormal world in the now where people actually have guardian angels and God keeps a checks and balances attitude with angels, demons and people. I think many paranormal readers will get “that feeling” that this series is very much like Twilight, Beautiful Disaster or other popular literature these days. It was reminiscent of…something…while I was reading it. Beyond that, I would recommend this for YA readers, paranormal junkies, and paranormal romance readers looking for something while waiting on their next favorite authors novel to come out. I am not saying they are bad or not worth the read, they just were a little disappointing after falling in love with McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.

I’ll think about revising my review after time passes and I think on it more. LOL! As you can tell I was a little disappointed.

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