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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Andrea Cremer's Nightshade

Nightshade was a huge surprise to me. I was wandering in the airport one day, wasting time between flights and checking out the bookstore. I was caught by the book cover (a teenage girls head with a wolf layered together) and looked up Nightshade on Goodreads. I was amazed at the 4.06 rating it was getting out of so many reviews. I bought it and read it for one of my Halloween reads. I was absolutely not disappointed with my purchase.

Nightshade is a YA book that gave so much more to its characters, chemistry and plot than most YA novels I have read the last few years. It was well written, thought out for a series and had great character development. I just wanted more by the time I got to the end of the novel. I also should point out, especially for adult readers out there, that while most YA novels are disappointing on the romance (aka sexual) scale, Nightshade was sexy, lusciously sensual (as it could be) and yet still appropriate for the YA audience. I think it was the chemistry that enhanced the scenes and gave it that extra spark.

Nightshade is a thrilling paranormal romance about alpha wolf Calla, who is to be mated out of high school to ladies’ man and alpha wolf Ren. They are supposed to keep traditions alive and begin a new pack designed to guard a sacred site for the Keepers. (The history and detail of the world Andrea Cremer has created are explained as you read.) Calla soon finds herself questioning everything she grew up believing and risking her life to save those she loves most as her world is challenged and turned upside down. As the book cover so eloquently puts it, “She can control her pack, but not her heart.” Nightshade is riddled with love, longing, desire, action packed adventure, a touch of mayhem and the fear of the unknown. I recommend this novel for YA readers, paranormal romance lovers, and someone looking for a new author.



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