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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflections: Re-reading Books

Devouring a beloved novel...
also known as re-reading.
Do you ever feel the pressing need to re-read a book? You hear a story, see a movie, think of a scene or character and then all you can think about is finding that book and devouring it again? That’s how I’m feeling lately…Today I found myself daydreaming what my re-read list would be. So far I have: A Discovery of Witches, one or more Jane Austen novels (except for Northanger Abbey, I don’t want to re-read it). Those books have been stuck in my mind for weeks!  I am debating if I want to re-read the next Twilight book before the new movie so I can criticize and feel like I “really know what I am talking about”. And the same for The Hunger Games. At some point I want to do a Harry Potter marathon, read the book then watch the movie, repeat…but I’d have to wait till all the DVD’s are out. I just re-read Sugar Daddy so it’s out of my system. There are a few Nora Roberts books that are trying to get my attention but luckily they haven’t made themselves known individually to be added to the list.
Do you have a favorite novel or book you have a hampering to re-read? Suggestions of new or beloved books to try out or re-read? I would love ideas! Who cares how long the list is. You guys should see my wish list on Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.


  1. Haha!!! OMG Annie, I love that picture! And not just because I was the one that took it! LOL! Weeeeeeeell on the to re-read list, I agree with you on the Discovery of Witches - I'm pretty sure I tore through that book so fast that I can't remember what happened in the middle, then there's Lord of Scoundrels (I'm completely in love with the book and the writing style, not to mention the characters are wonderfully written), off the top of my head those are the only two... and every now and again I'll read parts of Outlander. Yeah, you know which parts!!

  2. I definitly tore through Discovery of Witches. I have been re-reading the Lisa Kleypas "Travises" series (Sugar Daddy, Blue-eyed Devil, etc.). Definitly not let down on the re-read which is nice. I am also re-reading Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts (one of my FAVORITES) as an audio book. So far I wish I was reading the physical book. LOL!

    I did get my copy of Lord of Scoundrels and cannot wait to read it. So far you have not let me down in your book recommendations.