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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rebecca Ellen Kurtz's Sons of God

Well, Let me start this off with saying that I enjoyed this book... it was different, and I liked that ALOT. I read this book because I actually won it in the Goodreads giveaway. It’s one of the only things I have ever won.

I was a Religious Studies and English major and I found myself thinking that, while I was reading this, if I was in class but daydreaming during a religious studies history course, this book would possibly be the result of my day dreaming... With that in mind this book could have been ginormous in its textual size trying to give the reader background info and teachings, but it wasn't. It was VERY compact and the history/lore/teaching/knowledge one might need was very abbreviated. At some points I felt a little too abbreviated but that just might be me and my love of the subject.

I was a little upset that when you finally got to the big climax it was rushed. There was a nice pace throughout the book and then it was a quick "wam bam thank you mam, watch for the next book in series" ending. The characters, when you learned their true identities, I felt, deserved a little more respect than that. (**Spoiler** I'm still waiting for the sequal...)

I loved the binding of the book; it fit with the book, kinda old fashioned, string binding and not the usual glued spine. It was made to look like an antiquated text, and the layout of the book was unique. There were images with verses and lore to look like they were still on the ancient texts and the font was a brown rather than black. I will say that the author needs a better editor.

That said, it was a fun little read.

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